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 Joe Hunt Mag on a 73 T140

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PostSubject: Joe Hunt Mag on a 73 T140   Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:15 pm

I was just wondering if anybody had encountered any problems with the tapers on the Joe Hunt Mag not fitting correctly into the cam shaft?

We recently had a bike in to have one fitted (A 73 T140V) I hadn't done one before so I found a heap of information and ended up following the Wes White English 101.It wouldn't start or it would fire once then back fire, I double checked my work and re timed and went over pretty much the whole bike and couldn't find what was wrong. I took it to a friend who has been working on Triumphs for years and he had a look and said he found that the tapered shaft was the wrong size for the cam, he checked it against other cams and it was also to large and was sitting a touch proud and not quiet touching the pin in the bottom of the cam shaft. So apparantly he cut a few mill off the end and machined it down re fit and and re timed and it started first kick. He said that because the shaft wasn't sitting right it wasn't engaging properly and the Mag kept throwing the timing out. Is this something that is common? Or even something anyone else has encountered?

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Joe Hunt Mag on a 73 T140
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