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 Fiberglass Seat Pan

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PostSubject: Fiberglass Seat Pan   Fiberglass Seat Pan I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 08, 2010 3:03 am

Hi Guys i was thinking i may just do a quick write up on how i made my Fiberglass seat pan

1) Remove the original seat and work out a rough idea with what you want in a seat

Fiberglass Seat Pan Imgp1410

2) cut out some card board and cover any big holes and bolts
3) cover the area in masking tape and that in tin or foil. i used Metal flashing tap from and air conditioner joints. I picked some up from Bunnings for about $1
4) cover the area with a plastic drop sheet or something similar because fiberglass resin is messy

Fiberglass Seat Pan Imgp1514
Fiberglass Seat Pan Imgp1515

5) cut out you fiberglass matting to size a fraction larger is better so that way it can be cut down later
6) lube up the taped off area with wax or even WD40 can be used. this is only so the fiber glass dose not stick to the bike
7) mix up your resin and lay you sheets one at a time paint on your resin (using a cheep brush) starting from the center and working out to the sides
ensure all bubbles in the matting are worked out

Fiberglass Seat Pan Imgp1516
Fiberglass Seat Pan Imgp1517
Fiberglass Seat Pan Imgp1518

Cool after about the first 4 hours it can be removed from the bike and left to dry
then after about 24 hours then you can start cutting and shaping
i used a small dremel tool with a cutting disc but you can use any thing you have available

Fiberglass Seat Pan Imgp1519

A great place to start is to pick up a kit or something like that when starting out for the first time
Try not to work in direct sun light
The Resin fumes can get a bit much at times so work in a well ventilated area
use a cheep paint brush to apply the resin as it will kill the brush
fiberglass resin if not mixed correctly will go off quick some times so work fast but be thorough
make sure you have enough material to finish job the first time i did this i ran out half way and stuffed it all up and then had to start again. live and learn LOL
If you have any questions just pm me
Cheers Mat
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Fiberglass Seat Pan
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